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About Michael Daniels

Mike is a magician, psychologist and author living in the Isle of Man, where he is a member of the Magicians of Mann.

His repertoire includes a range of stage and parlour magic, close-up magic, and mentalism. He specialises in "mix and mingle" style magic for weddings, house parties and corporate events on the Isle of Man. He does not take bookings for children's parties.

Among magicians worldwide, He is known for his series of (currently 14) ebooks of original tricks and magical techniques. He is a regular attendee at magicians’ conventions in the UK and abroad, including the World Magical Championships held in Rimini, Italy in 2015.

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Publications for Magicians

Daniels, M. (2016). Perfectly Possible: Elegant Magic Squares the Easy Way. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2016). Understanding and Using Gilbreath Principle. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2015). Kalenda. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2015). Jay Di Biase's Rock, Paper, Lies: A Simplified Approach. [restricted ebook]

Daniels, M. (2014). "Staycard Principle". In Bob Farmer The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier (pp.38-9). Toronto: Magicana.

Daniels, M. (2014). "Using Memory". In Devin Knight Auto-Spell Deck, p.15-17. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2013). I Ching Oracle Divination Cards. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2013). Shady Deals. [privately printed]

Daniels, M. (2013). OCD and Other Effects. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Fasano, B. & Daniels, M. (2013). Jiggery Pokery. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2012). Utterly Mental. [privately printed]

Daniels, M. (2012). More Mind Magic. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2012). Three Easy Pieces. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2011). Mostly Perfect. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2011). Speed Dating. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2011). Trinities. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2011). Divinorum. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2011). "Blind Silent Running". In Ben Harris Silent Running 3, p.35-37. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2011). Reversal Plus. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2011). Double Scam. Lybrary.com [ebook]

Daniels, M. (2010). Equirock. Lybrary.com [ebook]


Books (Psychology)

Daniels, M. (2017). The I Ching Oracle: A Modern Approach to Ancient Wisdom. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

Daniels, M. (2015). Self-Discovery the Jungian Way: The Watchword Technique (Routledge Library Editions: Jung, Vol. 4),  3rd revised edition. Hove & New York: Routledge. [also available in a Kindle Edition]

Daniels, M. (2014). Self-Discovery the Jungian Way: The Watchword Technique, 3rd revised ebook edition [PDF]. Lybrary.com.

Daniels, M. (2005). Shadow, Self, Spirit: Essays in Transpersonal Psychology. Exeter: Imprint Academic.

--- (Trans. David González Raga) Sombra, Yo y Espíritu: Ensayos de psicología transpersonal. Barcelona: Editorial Kairós, June 2008.


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