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Psychic Safari

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Psychic Safari
Think of any two-digit number.
Add the two digits and subtract this sum from your original number.
If the two digits of your original number are identical (e.g., 22) you can either subtract or add the sum to your original number.
Next click the Start button and use your new number to look up the corresponding animal from the list of 100 different species in the table.
If you wish to change your animal, you have one chance to Shuffle the list.
I will then ask you a few simple questions.
When answering you may choose to either tell the TRUTH, or to LIE.
Whichever you decide, you must be consistent on all questions (i.e., you must always tell the truth, or always lie). Of course, I will not know what you have decided to do.
When you have chosen your animal and decided whether or not to tell the truth, click the Quiz button.



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