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The Spirit-Tap Illusion

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Spirit-Tap Illusion

Here's one to try out on your friends and relatives

It can be really spooky. I have known people SCREAM!

  1. If there are other people around, you must make sure that they are kept well away so that the person you are working with will be convinced that there is no possibility anyone else could make any physical contact. Also tell any spectators that it is vital that they remain silent throughout.

  2. Don't tell the person what you are going to do. You could patter on about the power of suggestion and how strange things often happen under hypnosis (of course you are not going to use hypnosis, but that doesn't matter).

  3. Sit opposite the person. Display your two forefingers and place them on his/her forehead above the eyes. Now gently stroke down over the eyes and onto the cheeks. Ask the person to keep their eyes closed as you do this. Repeat the stroking four or five times.

  4. Trying to maintain the same rhythm, take away one hand and now use the forefinger and second finger of the other hand to replace the two forefingers.Continue stroking as before. The idea is that the person should be convinced that you are still using both hands. Now stop stroking but keep your fingers on the person's eyelids.

  5. Using the other hand (be careful not to make any tell-tale sounds) give two quick taps on the back of the person's head, then IMMEDIATELY return your hand to the front, removing your fingers from the eyelids and showing your two forefingers as at the beginning.

You will probably need to practice this a few times before you get the timing quite right.


This is an old stunt. I think I first came across it in Jay Marshall's (1980) How to Perform Instant Magic. Folkestone: Bailey Bros. & Swinfen.


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